Genevo ONE S Black Edition

Genevo ONE S Black Edition

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Genevo One S - Black Edition is the most advanced radar detector from the Genevo family. It has a black metallic body with a dark logo, and the display is white instead of orange, like the standard Genevo One S.

But the most important difference in Black Edition is inside: its radar antenna. Compared to normal Genevo One S, our engineers improved the antenna by 4dB. How big is the 4dB difference? Simply said, the detections with Black Edition are insane. It beats high-end competitors from Escort and Beltronics. Also Genevo ONE S Black Edition is RDD Immune. So if you want the best radar detector on the market, Genevo One S - Black Edition is the right choice.

Main advantages of Genevo One S - Black Edition detector:

  • RDD Immune
  • Luxury metallic body
  • Special white display
  • RDD immune
  • Best performance on the market
  • Language localizations
  • User-friendly menu
  • Advanced false aletrs filtering
  • The most accurate database of speed radars in the whole Europe
  • Firmware updates via the Internet
  • Modified for specific conditions in the Europe
  • Smallest detector on the market
  • Zero failure